Do you have a multi-threaded mind?

As I sit here and write this I’m also listening to music and following along with it. I’m sure we all do it, this is no amazing feat. To some people the additional input forces you to focus. For others, it’s distracting. For me, I feel like I can pay attention to what I’m doing and the music simultaneously.

Perhaps this comes with growing up in the multi-tasking generation. But I find myself able to do a few things at the same time and remain focused. For example, I can be singing a song stuck in my head while thinking about the spreadsheet in front of me. If I’m working on something and need to remember a number I can repeat it in my head while still thinking about the task at-hand.

Is this weird? Is this others feel like they have or can do? I wonder if I have some sort of multi-threaded mind. I’m obviously not doing two immediate things at the same instance, but to me two things happening very quickly can be indistinguishable.

Update: A few minutes of more searching and it appears this is how our brains are built. I always knew I could walk and chew gum but can you personally hold two thoughts at the same time in your mind?