Do you hate driving?

I hate driving… in rush hour traffic. I’ve toyed with leaving early, leaving late–to no avail. Unless you’re an hour and a half ahead of the pack you won’t get anywhere in Denver. My 50 mile drive turned into an 90 minute sit-and-stare fest. That’s one reason I just leased a new car.

Nissan Sentra SLI’ve been driving a Subaru station since the beginning of college (it’s a ’94) and I figured, with my big-boy job and all, it was time I gave the family car back. I visited my local Nissan dealership, had my research and information all done and I was ready to commit. Two hours later I signed a two-year lease to a 2007 Nissan Sentra SL.

It’s pretty, it’s fast, it’s fun, it’s new. I’m quite pleased. I don’t have to deal with the poor old Subaru’s clutch all day in traffic, I don’t have to wonder if my car will start this morning, I didn’t have to drop a ton of cash. I’m pleased with how things turned out. So, with all that said, I wish I didn’t have to drive; Denver is far too spread out.