Creating a daily agenda

One of the most useful habits I’ve begun is very simple. It’s helped me accomplish more each day. It’s helped me feel accomplished before I go to bed. The best part about this technique? There are only three steps!

1. Create your daily list

I use my BlackBerry Tasks application to dump every single task I think of. You can do the same with a piece of paper, whiteboard, etc. Just jot down every thing that comes up.

If it needs to be done in a week, put it down. If it needs to be done in a few hours, put it down. Now we have a list!

2. Pick today’s tasks

At this point I know what I need to do. I can simply pick out the tasks I want to get done tomorrow. If the day is looking slow I’d better come up with some things that will make me feel effective. I want to look at my accomplishments and know the day was well spent.

Once I have my major tasks planned out I simply head to bed. I have tomorrows quasi-agenda laid out on my phone/sticky note/whiteboard.

3. Wake up, get moving, skip email

Email will throw a wrench in whatever best laid plans you’ve put together. Sure, you can get your Daily Dilbert fix but don’t address anything else. By mid-day (lunch-ish) I do a status check. I see where I am with my list and by then, everyone else has woken up and filled my inbox. So, take a break, check your emails and see if there’s anything else that needs to be done by end-of-day (be sure to add it to the list!).

This really helps

The last few days I’ve started doing this have been productive. People will admit that email commonly controls their lives and daily agenda. Breaking away from it will let you do what you want to do for the day.

Just try it out. Skipping email in the morning keeps you focused and, I promise, you won’t miss much.

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