Community Next Rundown

I had a blast last weekend in San Francisco. My buddy Noah (and Adam) hosted the second Community Next conference. Luckily I was invited. I’ve put some photos online and my quick thoughts are found below.

VIP Dinner

Friday was the VIP Dinner. I chatted with a bunch of awesome guys including the CTO of Pandora Tom Conrad, Shel Israel, Eric from icanhascheezburger, the MyBlogLog team, the Scrapblog team, Dave McClure, Andrew Chen, and so on.


Then we hit the pre-party at Old Pro (in Palo Alto). It was a ton of fun (and sponsored by Yahoo! again). I hung out with great folks including the aforementioned plus Poornima from Mint, Shivani from Women2.0, Gabe from Techmeme, and so on and so forth. I was humbled all evening. I also had the pleasure of hanging out with Andre Nosalsky, Scott Hurff and Rob Johnson. They happened to be my roommates for the evening. Thats a story in and of itself.

The Conference

The next morning the conference was at the PlugandPlayTechCenter which was an excellent spot for the conference. It went by a lot faster than the last one. Perhaps that’s because I could actually sit and enjoy it. Which I did. I heard some cool people speak about an awesome area right now: viral marketing. We heard from employee number four at MySpace, icanhascheezburger, hi5, Pownce,, Crazy Egg, Timothy Ferriss, and so on. A lot of Facebook discussion and plenty on what you should and should not do to attract and retain users.

Bottom Line

Another great conference. I enjoyed chatting with everyone there and am still excited by the caliber of the attendees. Like I said, I was lucky to be there. The Community Next conferences have been phenomenal and I look forward to the future (yes, there will be more!).