Accomplish anything you want: pick 5 priorities

I keep telling people that my generation (Gen-Y, Millenials) are going to be one where prioritization becomes more important than ever. With the internet alone we have unlimited resources to do, learn, and be interested by nearly everything the world has to offer. But, as I’ve always believed: just because you’re capable of doing anything, doesn’t mean you should want, nor attempt to do everything.

That’s why I’ve picked 5 things that I want to make sure I accomplish every day. Goals are important but only if they’re SMART. I’ve picked the following:

  • Have a morning routine: Wake up early, have time to go to the gym and eat breakfast with the paper.
  • Read a book for at least half an hour: I have a pile of books that I want to get to. Both fun and serious.
  • Contact at least 3 friends each day: As previously mentioned, keeping in touch isn’t easy. I want to make sure my close friends stay that way.
  • Enjoy 30 minutes of silence: When do we have quiet time to just think and collect thoughts? May it be while driving, the shower, before bed: I will have 30 minutes with myself.
  • Play on the web for 30 minutes: This is a gimme goal but I want to make sure I get around to other blogs and sites like 9rules and Facebook every day. Its fun and still productive to me.

All I have to do is make sure I align my schedule with my goals now. If I go to bed at midnight and get up at six I’ll add a daily item at 11:30 to have my silence. I’ll make sure I have an hour in the morning to do my routine. It’s quite easy to get things done once you realize you have the time and you commit to it…

The best part about goals is tracking them. Seinfeld would put a big ‘X’ on his calendar every day he accomplished his task. I intend to do the same. I hope I don’t break the chain!

What are your five daily priorities?

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