X-Men 3 Review

Not too shabby. The acting was a bit corny. I realize this movie has to cater to the lowest common denomenator. You really didn’t have to think much, it was all handed to you on a platter. Not only do they hint at something once, but they make sure to revisit it later in case you forgot… or were asleep the first time.

Much of it was overdramatic. Additionally, there was so many “big” things thrown around in this plot; it seemed to be trying too hard.

Overall it was fun. Slight humor here and there. A bit of drama. Lots of exploding. It was fun to revisit the story again but I’m probably going to forget how this one goes just like I did the last two. Seriously, I totally forgot who Jean was for a minute.

Oh, and stick around for the very very ending. There’s a tad more after the credits…