Weekly Schedule

I was looking at David Seah‘s excellent tools the other day. I was inspired. I had been thinking about revising my daily schedule and I came up with the following tool in Excel: the Linear Week Schedule.


I basically laid out the week in 30 minute blocks. Each row is 6 hours. Now you can see the entire week starting at midnight on Sunday. This seemed useful since our days run into one another (and I know my day doesn’t stop at midnight). This is what David did with his Compact Schedule. It shows the week along a line, not in seven seperate chunks. I found his idea to be pure genius…


As you can see there’s plenty of whitespace for leaving notes, a todo, etc. I figure I can use this space for all the extra notes and things I need to get done throughout the week. Plus, I can get into more detail if needed (meeting location, time, room number).


I also tried using Excel to color-code my regular events (sleep, eat, school, etc). This way I can see at a glance when I’m planning on doing certain things. At the same time, there’s room to include written events if need be.


Obviously, this can be as detailed or as simple as you’d like. Be creative and let me know if you found this useful. I was just toying around and figured somebody else might be able to use it. Anyway, I’m off to start planning out my week…

Click here to download WeeklySchedule.xls

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