What do you do all day? That’s the question Noah asked and answered. I thought it might be fun to jot my schedule down and reflect.

07:30 Wake up, shower, dress. Occasionally make some toaster waffles.
08:00 At my desk at work. Check email, do work, etc.
09:00 Grab a fruit and yogurt parfait at the cafeteria.
13:30 Head home for lunch, PB&J.
14:15 Back to work. Occasional meeting.
17:00 Time to head home for the day. Change clothes, read email.
18:00 Grab some dinner, often includes going out to eat (Chipotle!)
18:30 Work on side projects (yopos, Life With Women) and any work (b5media) I might need to do. Read. Blog.
20:30 Head to Lakeshore and play tennis, work out, sit in the whirlpool, etc.
22:00 Back home and time to watch some TV, relax, read.
01:30 Bed time! Might grab a cookie and milk before bed. ;-)

So that’s it in a nutshell. Lots of my day is spent at work (intern, big telcom company). A few days a week I’ll also work at Six Flags at night… so 6:30-1:30 is spent at work. Long days for sure. Obviously my life isn’t as exciting as Noah’s, perhaps some day the world will overemploy me. For the time being, I’ll make some money with my internship (and 4 other jobs), go to class, and work on things online.

Now, if I had the perfect schedule it’d look more like:

08:00 Wake up, shower, dress. Make a nice breakfast (eggs, toast, cereal), watch some news or read the WSJ for a half hour or so..
08:30 Start checking email, reading blogs, chatting with people.
09:30 Take a break and read a magazine or two in my massage chair.
10:30 Back on the computer to work on stuff until lunch.
12:30 Lunch time.
13:00 Take a 90-minute nap. Yay biphasic sleep!
14:30 Back up, rested and ready to work. Record my own version of Rocketboom/zeFrank.
15:00 Work on client work of some sort.
18:00 Done with work, time for dinner and some TV (Simpsons most likely).
19:00 Listen to music, relax in the chair, read a book for an hour.
20:00 Off to the althetic club to workout, play tennis, whirlpool, shower, etc.
22:00 Back home, do a little work/email and get ready for sleep with TV, etc.
02:00 Sleep time!

Maybe I need to start finding something I’m good at so I can do consulting! ;-)