Top 5 Social Media Tools

Well, since I’ve been tagged by Noah I guess I should use this as an excuse to blog. The meme is: what are your top 5 social media tools? I’m assuming that this really refers to any social software. If not, who cares? It’s my blog.

In order of importance/frequency of use:






I can be found checking Facebook roughly once an hour (if I’m in front of a computer). It’s really how I stay connected with a lot of people, It’s also great for poking wars. This is definitely the biggest social tool to hit my generation (I guess MySpace is up there, too).

Newsgator is basically the same as Facebook, but instead of connecting and being social with friends, I consider Newsgator the way I ‘socialize’ with the world. I read my news, check my friends blogs, etc. I have a bunch of cool feeds and I’ll easily check this 4 or 5 times a day.

As the owner of 3 (soon to be 4) websites I’m absolutely in love with WordPress. It’s so easy for me to write entries, manage my sites, and keep my visitors coming back. I really don’t have to do any work. Plus, I could setup a pretty slick WordPress setup (plugins and all) with my eyes closed.

Meebo is great because I don’t three other programs open in order to instant message people. I don’t hold lengthy conversations online anymore but it definitely is a great way to keep in contact with people, discuss breif topics and just say ‘hi’ sometimes. Meebo is definitely one of the few tabs that are always open in Firefox.

Last but not least, Flickr is one of my favorite sites. I love pictures and by pairing them with my friends I’m pretty happy. Truth be told, Facebook is where the majority of my friends put their pictures (and now I can order prints through Facebook!) but Flickr is one of those fun, nerdy, web2.0 sites that I just love. I have a RSS feed for my contact’s pictures, I upload pictures from my phone. It’s just fun!

So, I’m curious, what are your favorite social media tools? If you can read this, consider yourself tagged. Feel free to trackback or leave a comment.