Things you can’t do during a blizzard

With a lot of snow comes a lot of fun, obviously. By the same token, you become quite limited in what you can do. Having a blizzard half a week before Christmas sure makes things tricky. Here’s my list of the top five things you can’t do during a blizzard.

5. Mow the lawn

It just wouldn’t seem appropriate nor possible- so don’t try.

4. Have a bad attitude

Whining won’t make the snow go away. Complaining won’t change the situation. You have to make the best of it (hint: go outside and play).

3. Be selfish

You’ve certainly got to be a bit generous and helpful to everyone around you. You may be trapped in an airport or stuck in a snow bank– wouldn’t you want someone to help you out? Just make sure you tip real well; ’tis the season.

2. See anyone

Unless you’re a nerd (or MacBook owner) you don’t have a webcam. You’re trapped with those great people you’ve always co-inhabited your home with. That is, unless you’re trapped somewhere else. In that case, you could be in a much worse position. Even worse, someone you don’t particularly want to spend two-plus days with could be trapped with you.

1. Go anywhere

Which includes: Go shopping for Christmas presents, go shopping for groceries, go buy medicine, go buy supplies, go to the gym, go to work, go to school, go to your friends’ houses, go skiing (unless it’s cross-country to the aforementioned places), go dancing, go to the clubs, go to the bars, go to a restaurant, go to the movies, etc.

Goodness help you if the power goes out.