Things to do during a blizzard

If you missed it, Denver was hit by a nice little blizzard on Wednesday. My house had over 20 inches of accumulation. Other places around the state had four feet. I’m just glad the power stayed on- I got a lot accomplished as far as Playstation 2 games is concerned. But, after a few hours in the house it’s pretty fun to go outside. Here’s a few ways we kept ourselves occupied.

Shovel snow

Most cities require your sidewalks to be cleared within 24 hours of snow. Hahahaha, sucker. If you don’t have a HOA that hires people like mine does, well, see you outside! We don’t even own a snow shovel, we cleared snow from the front of our driveway with a recycling bin.

Take lots of pictures

In fifty years your grandkids will want to know how much snow “a lot” really was. Take pictures of yourself skiing to the grocery store because, come on, nobody would believe that shit. Even if it was uphill both ways. Here’s my collection.

Watch people get stuck

My family lives at the bottom of a huge hill which means endless hours of entertainment as people slide back down the hill and get stuck in a drift. Two feet of accumulation is not as easy to drive in as it sounds.

Help people get unstuck

My brother made quite a bit in tips helping dig people out and push them free. Just because you can’t get to work doesn’t mean you can’t bring in some cash. Plus, it’s a good workout.

Make things out of snow

Sure, it seems obvious but what better thing to do than build snowmen, snow forts, etc. This also makes for a good work out. If you’re in college you can take the more popular ‘snow phallus’ route. There’s nothing like building a giant obelisk in the church parking lot to offend the neighborhood.

Sled and ski

The Denver Mayor took a fun idea from NYC: sled day at city parks. The Parks would serve up hot chocolate and people would go sledding. Personally, I’m a fan of working on my 360 by building a big snow jump. Nothing says fun like minor concussions.

But, if you can’t even get out then you can do all those fun things around the house. Clean the bathroom, organize your closet, organize your music collection, work on those projects you’ve been putting off, read that pile of magazines next to your desk. Needless to say, none of these things got done around my house.