The Ease of Blogging

I was doing some quality thinking in the shower (my best ideas originate while soaking in hot water). I was reflecting on my blogging experience. Why do I do it? Why do other people do it? Is there an easy way to explain it? I think I figured out the answer to most of these questions. It’s really quite simple. I submit to you the underlying principles of blogging which I like to call The Ease (E’s) of Blogging:

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Emote
  • Engage
  • Earn

Blogging is as simple as the aforementioned activities. For example, Robert Scoble is great at doing all of the above: he blogs as an evangelist (earning his paycheck); Robert educates his readers about Microsoft and technology; in addition he uses his blog to express his opinions which quickly lead to engaging conversations.

Blogs like Engadget are dedicated to educating and entertaining their readers.

People like Bryan Veloso are great at entertaining readers.

Individuals like Paul Stamatiou are great at educating readers with both news and tutorial-style posts.

Other personal bloggers, such as myself, frequently emote (MySpace sucks, Yahoo has no clue, etc) and try to engage their readers. I don’t try to earn a living like some educators (Darren Rowse) but I do try to earn respect and recognition. I’m also trying to earn the companionship and readership of some of the brightest people on the internet.

The Ease of Blogging explains why you see thousands of new blogs every day with thousands of posts every second, it’s just so easy…

…but what seperates the best bloggers from the rest? We’re all doing the same things aren’t we?

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