The Big Two-Oh

This article may be misleading, when I talk about two-oh I don’t mean (Web) 2.0, I mean twenty, my age as of today. It’s a nice round number but that’s about all this birthday has going for it. Honestly, I can see why people stop looking forward to their birthdays as life goes on.

Twenty is a tease

I don’t mean to sound so cynical, I’m just making a point: 20 is useless. I thought 19 was bad but 20 is a total tease. It doesn’t help when everyone I associate with is at least 21 if not 22 or older. Even the other day I was quickly reminded how terrible this is. When asking about tips for a first date it was recommended I take someone to get a drink.

Sure, maybe a rum and coke. She’ll get the rum, I’ll drink the coke.


But, thats not to say the last year (and the year to come) are all that bad. Since my last birthday I’ve certainly changed. I’ve been the Vice President of AKPsi which has taught me a lot. I co-founded yopos which has introduced me to so many people I can’t even begin to list them. I’ve started my own webcomic, I’ve been on the Dean’s List again, I’ve joined Beta Gamma Sigma (honor society). I’ve held a number of jobs and learned a lot. I’ve even changed my major from Information Systems to Accounting.

But it hasn’t all been good. I no longer talk to a close (ex girl-) friend. That’s certainly been a learning experience in itself. Not just about relationships or people but myself as well.

But enough boring stuff. Thanks to everyone who left their best wishes. I’m thinking of doing a (semi) daily video log. Not to entertain necessairly but just so I have an archieve of me and life. We’ll see how that goes…

365 and counting…

PS: I still stand by my earlier comments about Unbox and the iTunes Movie Store. Check this out.