The Art of Lazy

Napping Cat

I looked at my website today and thought to myself: “Dude (that’s what I refer to myself as), you haven’t touched your blog in quite some time!” I quickly retorted, “Well, so? I drew a comic yesterday!”

I quickly decided that my level of achievement was acceptable. I also decided that the more balls I juggle, the more I’ll tend drop. When I become very busy I get burnt out. In fact, we all do. I’m sure Noah can agree, he’s been the busiest guy I know. That’s okay though, he and I managed to record two podcasts this week!

So when Friday afternoon rolls around, I can tend to get a bit lazy. Saturday morning? Even lazier. Sunday? Well, let’s just say I woke up around lunchtime today. That’s not something I do very often given the fact that I worked 63 hours this week.

Do you ever feel the same kind of lazy? You know what I’m talking about, you had three finals in one afternoon or you just finished the biggest project of the quarter? At this point you just stop altogether, right? Good. We all need to master the art of lazy.

If I were to keep doing what I do I’d easily go insane. I looked at this weekend as so many empty days that I could fill with “productive tasks.” Here we are on Sunday and, put simply, screw that! Today I woke up, ate some Chipotle, checked email and then played tennis/worked out for three hours. That seemed like the truly “productive” way to spend today.

When you become stressed and keep subjecting yourself to that stress you start to hurt yourself. If I were to keep working on side projects this weekend I’d do more harm than good! Not only does stress start to cause problems with brain development (there was a new study I saw the other day, I should bookmark these things) but it causes so much agitation and friction in your life. You even start to affect all of those around you… don’t act like it doesn’t. I’m the first to admit my patience will wear thin; I’ve snapped at friends a few times. I’ve been snapped at too, I understand the reasoning!

So, my only advice is to take this 4th of July (Americans only, the rest of the world can remain stressed this week) to relax, forget about everything and just have some time away from it all. Think of how “simple” life was on the first Independence Day celebration… take away a bit of the complexities and just enjoy it.

Bonus: A quote from Scott Adams: *The thing to remember about freedom is that it</p>