Television Sucks

I assure you not everything I publish is a rant. I’m just feeling feisty lately… my latest target is television. A few people have described their experience with a month without TV and I’m following suit. My roommate and I had talked about dropping Comcast for months now because, frankly, that’s too much money to pay for a lot of crappy channels. In this day and age I should be able to pick and choose. Since nobody is offering the a-la-carte TV package we decided to opt out entirely. Besides, we’d rather waste away in front of the computer than the television…

But seriously, if we are to spend any time in front of a television we decided we’d rather be watching movies. After surfing IMDB one day I realized there are a ton of flicks out there that I just never got around to seeing. This is where Blockbuster Online comes in. I already threw 10 movies in our queue last night and I’m excited to start watching them (on our 52″ TV with 7.1 surround sound. Yay home theatre).

But the thing is, there are a ton of movies out there and I have no idea what they’re about or if they’re any good. This is where you guys come in. If you have any suggestions on movies that I must see, then leave a comment and I promise you I will. Joe is first in line with The Princess Bride. In fact, if you haven’t noticed, I set up a Movies page to document my experiences (most recent on the home page). So, help me out… What should I watch?