Stiff Magazine Ads

Dear Marketers,

Want to know the best way for me to hate you, your product, and anything remotely related to you? Put a stiff page in a magazine. If you’re really going for the gold, make sure I can’t remove it. I want to be reminded of you everytime I try to place my magazine on a surface. Any surface.

Seriously, that’s exactly why I bought the subscription.

It’s not like I ever try to have the magazine open very often. But when I do, make sure your ad is in there keeping the pages from easily turning. That shows class.

I don’t care how much exposure the publisher promised you. Send them a message: you don’t want your future clients to hate you. I think it’s a solid message to send.

Think about it: do you really want to be associated with tearing, ripping, anger, and my trash can? Sure, your ad was seen once…

…but we all know how quickly that ended.

Thanks for listening!