Skype is Fun!

I haven’t been a big Skype user. Frankly, becuase nobody I typically socialize with has even heard of it. But, a select few have ‘converted’ and I’ve been playing with it more. Jeremy was the one I was primarily using it with but now I’ve got a reason to use it more: SkypeOut and SkypeIn.

Haha, I have a phone number… it took forever to find, too:

+1 (713) 89 DEVIN

I’ve hit an all-time low on the nerd scale… but I love it. It’s so simple and the minutes are pretty cheap ($10 got me 10 hours). I’m excited to try this stuff out some more. I’m actually ordering a bluetooth headset off eBay tonight. I’ll let you know how that goes.

In any case, if you’re a Skype user feel free to add me and if you’re looking to call and harass me, feel free to leave a voicemail! Every person who leaves a voicemail will get added to my soon-to-be links list. ;-)

PS: I think $12 for a new phone number isn’t bad. For those of us without a ‘Home’ number this is the perfect solution. Now I don’t have to worry about giving out my cell number. You too can be a dork!

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