Save Money in College

I’ve been asked to review (sponsored) an awesome resource put together by Daniel Kovach of Scholarships Around the U.S. First off, his site is an amazing place for students to find information on financial aid. He has a lot of opportunities (Paul won money as a student blogger) and a lot of good information including his guide: 118 Ways to Save Money in College.

At first glance I laughed when I saw his section on alcohol savings ideas. But then I realized it was probably very relevant to many students. Some figures I’ve found indicate the average student spends over $1,100 each year on alcohol. That’s huge! If you’re going to drink at least be smart about the way you spend money on your vices- this guide has some decent ideas.

Some tips are self-evident (ask friends for textbooks, don’t buy coffee daily, etc.) but for many there are tips we could all relate to. With 118 pointers anyone can take away something from this guide. Personally, I’m going to try eating more oatmeal, apparently it’s cheap and filling…

A lot of my money is spent on entertainment (eating out, movies, etc.) and I’d echo a lot of what is said in these areas. I’ve personally shut off the cable television and, as the guide mentions, I watch a lot of shows online. In fact, I just watched the last 5 episodes of Lost on ABC’s own website (less commercials, less time wasted!).

Honestly I love this guide. I’m glad I found it. Sure, it’s a bit overwhelming to sit down and read it all. If you have the time, though, you’ll probably find some great ideas you’d never thought of. For example, with Christmas coming up: ask for a subscription to Blockbuster Online or something practical (that will save you money). Or maybe a Dance Dance Revolution game to help get some inexpensive exercise.

Please check out this guide– a lot of the concepts and ideas don’t apply to just college students, anyone will find it very practical.