Review: coComment

Scoble points us to a cool new website called coComment; it makes so much sense! I thought I was the only idiot wandering around blogs, posting comments and then having to manually go back and see if there was a response. Apparently not…

coComment is a new (beta) service to track your comments on other blogs. I installed a little bookmarklet and tested it out earlier today. What you do is type in your comment on someone’s website, click the ‘coComment’ bookmarklet then hit submit. It will then track your comment and any subsequent replies. Unfortunately only Blogger, MSN Spaces, myspace, Typepad, WordPress and Xanga blogs are supported.

..and yes, it is in beta so theres some things to be worked on. The FAQ says that soon you’ll be able to “integrate cocomment in your comment form so all comments are entered into Your Conversations page”. It’ll be pretty easy to make a WordPress plugin for this and once this process is automated I’ll be in heaven. Now that I think about this, the process of clicking a bookmarklet everytime I make a comment seems a bit absurd. Thank goodness Brian has already created a Greasemonkey script.

But… why can’t Technorati or somebody else just scan blog comments and look for people who put in the same name/URL combination?

In any case, I like the ‘Blog box’. Essentially you can put a box on your site that shows your visitors where you’ve been commenting lately (because it’ll obviously be more insight and another look at our genius musings around the web).