Quick Updates

Vacation was great, I got lots of naps. Road trips are cool like that. Plus, it got me away from the record heat here in Colorado (something like 95+ for the last few days). Anyway, I had plenty of time to do some thinking and sort out my thoughts. Once I got back I started calling all kinds of people and started working on some projects:

  • One is a web comic,
  • One is a podcast,
  • One is a website for musicians,
  • One is a CRM website with a twist,
  • One is a little badge/applet for bloggers, and
  • One is re-organizing and re-energizing yopos.

There’s just so much to do. Plus I work maybe 60-70 hours a week. Busy busy! Oh, and then there’s having a life; I’ll be playing DDR with a friend tonight. I guess that doesn’t count though…

…unfortunately I didn’t read as much as I had hoped. How ironic is it that I didn’t get around to finishing Getting Things Done?)

PS: Congratulations to all the new 9rulers!