Political Quiz

If you haven’t seen this political quiz yet I think you should give it a try. Put simply, 5 personal questions and 5 economic questions can determine your political orientation. Though, it’s not merely determining Red State/Blue State as many would love to think.

(Side Note: That’s the problem with the masses and politics. Things start turning into teams. Teams are great but teams also act irrationally. For example, I live in Colorado so I’m a huge Bronco’s fan. It doesn’t matter who plays, how they play, etc., Broncos will always be the best. I’m pretty sure I love them becuase I have that team pride having lived in the state. I’m not alone, everyone does it. CU is the best at being as un-classy at demonstrating this. Frankly, breaking people into white vs. black is an American thing. Americans think there’s the good and the bad side. Why did we go to Iraq? We were good, they were bad. Putting things into context like that means less thought. I’m sorry, but there **is a middle ground. I’m convinced Americans don’t like to think).

Anyway, I’m a Centrist. I’ve never associated myself with one “side”… I can support different ideas in different situations. So then… what are you? Was it much more different than you thought it would be? Some people have been surprised…

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