Office 2007 Beta Review

Office 2007 Todo Three words: it doesn’t print.

At least… not correctly. it’s like Word zooms in 300% to the center of the page… and prints that. Honestly, how do you fuck up printing? The print preview looks great. Then you hit print and go back to preview and it shows you what just came out of your printer: a waste of paper. Work Around: Send it to PDF! Update: Same document printed at work just fine. Hmmmm…

Outlook is looking pretty sweet though. Only about half the new features work, though. It’s fun to think about importing my Google Calendar into it. Heck, the mobile notifications would be nice too. Wait.. doesn’t Google already have that? Maybe I should just stick to Google? Nope, not until it has a slick To-Do list like Outlook 2007 does.

In short: ehhhhhhhh, this is Beta 2?
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