My Bookshelf

We know what John Moore is reading and what’s on Kathy Sierra’s (virtual) coffee table. I decided I’d take a look and see what I’ve been reading.

One of the best ways to get to know someone is to look at their bookshelf. Or at least their coffee table.

I couldn’t agree more. I remember someone walking into our house one day and the magazines on the coffee table gave an insightful look at who I was and what I was into. They mentioned how great the magazines were and he and I quickly found some common ground (The magazines were Fortune, Cargo, PC Magazine, and FastCompany). I no longer have magazines on my coffee table but I certainly have a growing pile of books lying around. These are the books I’m in the process of reading:

To Read

…and these are the books on my shelf. Most have been read while a few will sit there until I feel it’s appropriate to read them.


I wish I had more time to read becuase I have a lot more books piling up in queue. My goal is to finish a book a month and so far im 0/2. I think it’s best I get back on track…

What’s on your bookshelf? Is it a pretty accurate portrayal of who you are and your interests? Mine certainly are. I love business, marketing, blogs, history, and technology. What about you?

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