MacBook and Hard Cover Case

You may not have noticed but I recently bought myself a toy. Brace yourself: it was a black Macbook. I know, right? Who would’ve guessed? My friends all snickered. The others that had already “converted” let out their sighs of relief (aka “finally!”).

But I’m not a full-fledge Mac-er, yet. I just bought a laptop; I need to be mobile. Don’t be mistaken, I still love my Dell (and his two brothers, 24″ LCD and 19″ vertical LCD).

The experience was painless. Apple is very good at taking your money. Luckily, as a student, they allowed me to spend more money by offering a free Nano (or $180 rebate) with my purchase. I opted for the 30GB iPod because, honestly, who wants a Nano?

Anyway, I decided I should protect my new asset. I looked around a bit and, after deliberation, decided to opt for a case that offered as little ‘case’ as possible. Enter

This is a great case. It’s basically a portfolio pad for a laptop. Naturally, it can still hold paper and a pen. So, in short, this is all I will need for class and AKPsi meetings.

But how do you keep the MacBook in the case? Quite simple. Attach some (included) velcro to the bottom of your laptop and place it in the case. Simple and easy.

But the velcro almost defeats the point of the feet on the bottom of the MacBook. There’s basically no friction. I’ll see how that goes. It might itch my lap too. We’ll see.

Anyway, feel free to congratulate me on my new purchase. I still need to be reminded it was a good decision. ;-)