Live vs Google Domains

Scoble is upset because people are talking more about Google than Microsoft. Nathan is also expressing his concern.

Guys, the reasoning behind all of this is pretty clear. Yes, MSN has a much larger user base than GMail. But, all the popular nerds with blogs, all those guys ‘buzzing’ about Google Domains: they love Google. The people who know what an MX record is don’t really want their domain on MSN Live Messenger nor MSN Live Mail. They want to use the weapon-of-choice for nerds everywhere: GMail. I’ve used both, I express the same sentiment. I’m a Live beta tester, I use the new MSN, I use the new email… I like GMail better.

Oh, and why would people have ever said ‘MSN goes after Outlook’? I’ve used a product called the “MSN Outlook Connector“. Hey, when/if Google comes out with a calendar are we going to get upset because we didn’t mention MSN has one, too?

Put simply, MSN jumped into the email game far too late. I think we all can agree on that. GMail changed the way many people do email and it will always attract the related ‘buzz’.

Okay, guys, for once somebody copied Microsoft. ;-)