Is college worth it?

Ben asked and answered the question, Chris added his two cents, now it’s my turn: Is college really necessary?

Let me be blunt: categorically yes.

Despite the complaining I couldn’t be happier with the college experience. Everyone should do it. The dorms on the other hand… that’s another story. Ben says he loves college becuase he’s met some very smart and capable people. I, too, would cite that as a good reason to go to college: networking.

When you’re in college, odds are you’re not entirely responsible for your own finances. This means you have some freedom as to what you do during this time. Personally, I’ve taken on three (simultanious) jobs, a business fraternity, and a few of my own side projects. If I ever screw any of these things up, that’s okay, I’ll learn from it; I won’t get fired. Well, I might get fired, but my well-being certainly isn’t at stake. Additionally, I don’t have anyone (a family) relying on my actions. As Chris put it, “life will hit you square in the face“, and you’ll (hopefully) figure things out pretty quickly.

Keep in mind though, you only get out of college the energy you put in. People will not bump into you and introduce themselves; you have to get out and get involved. Join organizations and find people who share similar interests. High school forced you into the same classes with the same people. Friendship was merely by association. In college you’re forced to make decisions: you decide who you are, what classes you’ll take, who you’ll associate with, who you’ll trust, who you’ll emulate, etc. Again, the people play a big role in college.

Sure, you learn a lot but just about anyone can pick up a book and absorb the same information. Heck, you could get a job and gain all the experience you could ever need. But, as I mentioned, college provides that time for you to slow down and make some conscious decisions. For those of you in college I pose the following question:

What is it that you’re best at? What is the one thing you can do better than anyone else on your campus?

College is a perfect time to apply the hedgehog concept. You have 3, 4, maybe even 8 years to find the answer. I suggest, as Chris has so brilliantly demonstrated through GTA and Blind Date, that you spend that time wisely. You’ll never get it back…

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