Horizons Day

I did nothing Valentines-y yesterday. It seems like the biggest non-holiday ever celebrated. Why just one day to dedicate to a sweetheart? Make every day special! Anyway, a friend of mine sent me this, in which I participated:

Horizons Day began as the vision of two high school friends who sought not to retaliate against Feb. 14, but instead to take that day to reflect inwardly, to indulge and celebrate the individual, and to embrace the love of those you choose to keep close around you. In an era wherein awkward encounters have replaced bad hair days, and Facebook has replaced and redefined human to human contact, we could all use a little day to indulge and to broaden our horizons. Thus the second function of Horizons Day. It is a celebration of media, of communication; that information alone can enrich our lives and sharing it is as easy as dropping a name. Finding a new favorite band, a new favorite brand of soap, a spunky insightful news source, a life-altering book, all presents to pass on from your personal vault and to receive in return. All in an attempt to grow just a little more on this day, to have optimism and happiness instilled in you, even a little bit, even just today.

This 3am entry was brought to you by: biphasic sleeping.

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