Google Calendar, Act I of I

I wrote a play to spite Mr. Veloso (“…Then you come up with a play.”), I hope he hates it. That jerk.

*Scene: It’s a dark cloudy morning. The sun is trying to get up but can barely poke through the clouds. Devin rolls over and looks out the window and takes a long look…

Devin: Good morning, World- oh, no I guess it?s not all that good. Today looks like hell.
** World:** Yup, decided to take the day off. Is that a problem? I?ll crush you if it is?
** Devin:** Well, no, I was just wondering why today has to be so sucky?

[A tall, happy figure enters the room with a big smile.]

Google: Hey guys, mind if I interrupt?
** Devin:** Google! Man I haven?t seen you in, like, forevers.
** Google:** I know, I know. I got busy. I was even thinking of doing some cool stuff for Gmail?s birthday but I got lazy.
** Devin:** Whatever dude, you made a doodle, you?re still the bestest!
** Google:** Thanks man, I try. Oh and thanks for re-installing Google Desktop. I really value your data-err, support.

[World checks his watch and decides to check out]

World: Well, I?d love to sit here and watch the lovefest, guys, but I?ve got a flight to catch?
** Devin:** Ya, whatever, World?.

[Exit World, stage left]

Google: Anyway, I heard you guys talking. You really think today?s a crummy day?
** Devin:** Ya, basically. The World isn?t giving me much reason to even get up today.
** Google:** Oh seriously? Well here, I?ve got something you can play with then: Google Calendar.

[Devin opens up a blank page with 7 columns and some tabs]

** Devin:** Oh snap! This is so .. white, and, box-filled! The rumors nailed this one on the head!

[The sky clears, birds chirp and flowers begin to bloom.]

Google: Dude, I know, right? I thought you?d like it. It was really hard to get the ?boxy? feel, but then, hey, I made it work.
** Devin:** That you did, dude! I love it. I hope it?s not a beta, though.
** Google:** Uh, ya, about that?

[Google starts shuffling his feet and looks down at the ground]

Devin: Google! Come on, man? how long for this one?
** Google:** Well, it might be a while?
** Devin:** Why?s that?
** Google:** Well, for starters, when you go to add a new ?Calendar? to your ?Calendar? it won?t show that ?Calendar? unless you sign out and sign back in to ?Calendar?.
** Devin:** o_O;
** Google:** Exactly! No biggie though right? Plus it doesn?t yet work in Gmail like I said. Anyway, I?d better run. Make sure you tell your friends it uses AJAX!
** Devin: Oh sure thing, buddy! I LOVE AJAX! I LOVE WEB2.0!
** Google:
Um. Yeah you do. Later?

[A goofy asian slides into the room like Kramer from Sienfield.]

Bryan: Did someone say Web2.0?
** Google:** No, Bryan, nobody likes you. Go code a ?blog? or whatever it is you do all day?
** Bryan:** Jerk.
Devin: I still like you Bryan!

[Bryan goes out the door where he proceeds down to Devin?s kitchen. Presumably to make Devin some eggrolls.]

Devin: Weird.
** Google:** Indeed.
** Devin:** Well, whatever, Google. See ya later man, I?ll be sure to forget about this in a few weeks just like blog search, catalogs, finance and all the other great products you?ll throw at me!
** Google:** Attaboy! Don?t forget to buy stock!

[End Scene]

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