Five things you don’t know about me

Well, it’s finally happened, Glenn Wolsey and Ralph Dagza ‘tagged’ me in the “Things you don’t know about me” meme. I think this one can be fun if I put some thought into it. After some time I’ve come up with the following. Friends new and old may all surprised by my personal trivia.

1. I was adopted

This is the one thing people usually second guess. But, it’s true, I was adopted when I was born. I haven’t met my biological parents and I don’t plan on it.

2. I always try to do math in my head

It may sound weird but in class I almost test myself. When teachers start writing accounting problems there may be a number that needs to be solved for. I try to come up with it before she can even read her own notes and write it down.

3. I am extremely indifferent

If there is a decision to be made, I won’t make it. Either way I will be content. Where do we want to eat? I don’t care. Which ski run should we go down now? They’re all good to me. I’m not trying to be difficult, I’m just easy to please I guess. If I have an opinion on something there’s no way you could miss it.

4. I want to be a CEO

Not of any ol’ company- I want to run a huge one. I want to be busy, travel, go to lots of meetings, and oversee something big. Maybe for the money, maybe for the fast lifestyle, maybe for the responsibility, who knows.

5. I don’t enjoy cooking

Unless there is someone there with me it can be fun. But, overall, I find the time cooking and consuming food to be almost wasteful. This is why I always try to do something else while eating (watch TV, meet with a friend, read email).
So, there you have it. You may think I’m weired(er) having read that but it’s just a little more insight into yours truly. Personally, I want Tyme to give us her responses. Oh, and David, too.**