Five Gifts Meme

The “Holdays” (Christmas) are right around the corner and I always struggle to think up some things I absolutely “need.” Throughout the year situations will come up where you think to yourself “man, I wish I had one of those ____ right now.” I do it all the time. Of course, I’ll forget each and every one of those situations when birthdays and Christmases approach. That won’t happen this time. For my own entertainment here are the five gifts I’d love to get.

1. Golf Lessons

It seems only natural that a business major spend some time on the golf course. Interestingly enough my brother, the musician, has spent much more time golfing than I have. I figure I’m running low on expensive hobbies and this is one I’d enjoy taking up.

2. CamelBak hydration backpack

I’ve realized that I need to carry a few things when I go skiing (extra clothes, food, water) and there simply aren’t enough pockets in my jacket(s). Close, but not enough. So, a compact (black) ‘hydration pack’ would make for an excellent accessory this winter. We wouldn’t want me to get dehydrated now, would we?

3. Digital Camera