First Glance: Google Calendar

I saw the WSJ mention ‘Google’ and ‘Calendar’ in the same headline so I quickly ran to InsideGoogle. Yes! Solution Watch has a nice review too.

I’m planning on importing all my Outlook information a bit later. It might not work, though. Google divides different activity types into different calendars. So all my blue and red labeled events in Outlook will need to be split into seperate calendars (which can also be blue and red). In any case, I’m excited. The interface is the best I’ve seen. If you click and drag across a few dates on the mini-calendar it’ll show those dates in the foreground view. In other words, I can select April 15-29 and it’ll fit them into a nice calendar view (the selection has to be either less than a week or a full week, doesn’t matter where in the week though, Mon-Wed, Sun-Fri, etc). I also appreciate the SMS and Gmail features. Heck, I may switch away from Outlook entirely… no joke.

As a hint: if you have a Google Hosted email account (ie, my domain, then you need to be sure you create a Google Account with your email address.