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Ben put up some maps of where he’s travelled. I’m actually surprised he hasn’t been more places (yet). In any case, he beat me to blogging about travel…

A month or so ago I created profiles on 43 things, 43 people, and 43 places (all found on my About page). I played around with the profiles and found the websites to very interesting. But, hands down, 43 places interested me the most.

Aside: Interviewing potential rushees for AKPsi was interesting becuase nearly every student said they’d “travel” if they had unlimited free time. It seems that traveling may be one of the greater human desires (right below socializing).


Many people are very visual. I wouldn’t necessairly classify myself as a ‘visual’ person but when I take a look at a map of the world denoting where I’ve been… well, that’s pretty neat looking. Have you ever been to a touristy location and seen one of those push-pin maps? It’s fun to look at because everyone who has visited puts a pin on the map to show where they came from.

This is the exact opposite. This is the home version. I’ve seen a few people who have a push-pin map for where they’ve travelled… but they’ve travelled a lot. 43 places is fun because it’s easy, informative, and I can see everyone’s map. In addition, I can list where I want to go and solicit advice from other users. If you’re just looking for some reference material you can browse the site and learn about places people have already been and see the pictures they’ve taken.

I dreamed (literally, it was in a dream) about creating a travel-related site like this a long time ago. I’m glad someone beat me to it. Post a link to your profile in the comments once you’ve created it… I’m interested to see where my readers (family, friends) have been.
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