Carnival of Marketing #23

This week I’m hosting the Carnival of Marketing and I’ve got 7 great articles to share with you. Enjoy!

Seth Godin – Marketing in the Car Business

“We should not try to educate or teach the customer about what he or she wants.” Oh.

The Fast Growth Blog – Are Your Employees “Raving Fans?”

“Think about all of the money spent on marketing and sales — all of the ?customer outreach? initiatives, loyalty programs, special offers, etc. How much money is spent to support making employees ?raving fans? of the employer?”

Jim Logan – Stop Playing It Safe, you’re Boring Us To Death!

Odds favor that whatever your competition is doing to build their business is exactly what you shouldn?t be doing.

Career Intensity Blog – Get A New Job Offer Every Month

Creating opportunity is not just a good idea ? it is your responsibility. How many job offers (or new pieces of business for you entrepreneurs) have you received this year?

Fire Someone Today – Authentic advertising, cyborg style

A pretty girl wearing a video screen is as blatant a ?look at me!? advertisement as there is. But it is also a chance to tell a story, because unlike a poster or billboard, your live saleslady can actually talk to your customers. Maybe she should get to try the product.

7CM Marketing Blog – The Importance of Using Keywords In Blogs

Choose a few keywords or short phrases, and work them into your blog entry. Don’t over do it! Nobody wants to read a blog that’s just an obvious set of keywords.

…and to finish off the day with a post with some Easter Sunday relevance:

Church Relevance – How to Find a Church for Easter

?If I never went to church, how would I know when to show up on time??

…and there you have it. I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did. Next week be sure to stop by
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