Bloggers Remorse Squared

I have this weird feeling about blogging. I’ll write about topics but then I take a look at my visitors… many are here for the wrong reasons. I get 10 kids every day asking for MSN invites, I have another 20 Googleing myspace error messages and finding me. The rest are all here to take my free FIRO-B test.

But, am I looking at the wrong statistics? Should I try to learn how my subscribers are utilizing my blog? Unfortunately I can’t really. Sure, I have 200 subscribers but how many people pass over my banter every morning? How many sit and thought ‘oh yeah, I feel that too’?

Comments seem like the currency of kings. If you garner discussion you’re a pretty good blogger. In my case I’ve accured 207 comments on 179 posts. A bunch of those comments, again, are people asking for MSN invites. But, a bunch of those posts are links to articles and funny videos.

So what? I don’t know. I feel no better having written that and looked at all these different variables than I did earlier.

Now I have bloggers remorse squared becuase I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing by writing this… but I’ll end up getting 100 referrals from Google to it in the next month.