An extra hour

As you should have realized by now, today we (well, most of us) celebrated the wonderful thing called Daylight Saving Time. In short, we gained an extra hour today. I woke up at 11am which was really 10am. I used my extra hour to sleep today.

But what about you? What are your plans for this extra hour? Spend it wisely, we only get this opportunity once a year. Today I took that extra hour and slept in. I’ve been extremely busy this week and didn’t get as many naps as I would’ve like (biphasic sleep*). I probably should have spent my hour working on something productive. I have a big accounting test this week. Oh well.

What if we had an extra hour every day? How would you spend your time? I’d probably use that hour to read a book. No matter how I try I have a hard time fitting time in to just sit down and read. It’s given me an idea for a company, more on that later.

Now what if we had an hour less each day? What would suffer? Would you sleep less? Maybe go to the gym less? I have no idea what I’d do. I already feel like my days are overbooked. I’m sure the same would hold true if we had 30 hours in a day. Like some fish, I feel we adapt to the size of our environment. If we had less time, we’d do less. This is why, although our lives are “more efficient” we seem busier than ever. We keep pushing and striving for more (craziness) in our lives.

Happy Daylight Savings.

  • Someone made a biphasic sleep entry on Wikipedia based on my FAQ. For more information on how biphasic sleep affects my life feel free to search my archives.