9rules rocks

I had some free time today. Instead of a music video I did my own rap song in GarageBand. This song is dedicated to all those cool kids at 9rules. Enjoy.

Download 9rules rocks.mp3 (01:56, 2.2mb)

Let me tell you ’bout a site, it’s got lots of blogs
It’s older than you think, but not as much as pogs
Yeah, pogs, I can’t rhyme
The CD’s name? White comma Tyme.

Scrivs: Hi Tyme, Tyme: I’m sorry?

It came about in oh three, it looked wicked lame
It needed some design, so in Mike came

Mike: What does it taste like?

The CEO’s a dork, he danced like a fool
I challenged him because he looked so damn cool
His name’s Scrivs, S-C-R-I-V
He’s bringing sexy back just like JT

Tyme: Don’t you realize that? Laughing. Scrivs: What?

They go and look at the coolest blogs for us
Just like Justin I’ll take it to the chorus

9rules rocks, 9rules rules

Those members kick ass, I’ve met a lot
You guys know josue, he smokes tons of pot
People like Stammy look at Mint non-stop
Their heads are so big they’re about to pop

Just playing, you guys are the shit
You’re the best blog network, err content network, no community
Thats it!

9rules rocks, 9rules rules

If you dont have a Mac you cant get in
How’d Tyme get hired? Her purple-faced grin?

Tyme: Devin needs his ass spanked. Scrivs: You’re fucked.

But seriously, I love these guys
their sites are the best, they’re wicked flys!

Tyme: They’re doing something cool, Scrivs

They are, you know how we do
9rules, it rocks people
Let it be known
Back to the chorus

9rules rocks, 9rules rules

Shit, I’m not even a member.