The Oreo CEO himself has tagged me with a meme. I like this one because you can tell a lot by a person’s music.

With that said, here are 7 random songs from my collection…

  1. Guster – Two Points for Honest
  2. E-40 – Go Hard or Go Home
  3. Missy Elliott – Partytime
  4. Yung Jock – It’s Goin’ Down
  5. Dave Matthews – Stay or Leave
  6. Chingy – Brand New Kicks
  7. Head Automatica – Curious

Diverse, wouldn’t you say? As an added bonus I decided to make a music video when I heard Missy Elliott come up. It’s much harder than I initially thought. Enjoy your Friday.

Oh, and for more insight, here’s my last.fm page (recently reset).

Tag: Paul Stamatiou and Chris Morrell.